You are having trouble at the end of the month, unpaid amounts accumulate. Moment of loneliness, what to do? Know that there is a consolidation of credits and debts.

How to do debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation via NowConsolidate consists of repaying debts and other late payments with a loan offering the possibility of a recovery of the situation. On this occasion, one can include existing credits. Their reimbursement will consolidate everything in one and the same credit, thus limiting the risks of multiple entries. The new loan will be of sufficient duration to reduce the monthly payment and thus allow the balance of the budget to be restored.

What can be financed with consolidation?

The debts must flow from an abnormal situation can we say. Credit is not a financeable debt; on the other hand, the unpaid monthly payment becomes it. Since the Lagarde law of 2010, the border is clearly demarcated between debts and redemption of credits.

Credit redemptions are possible from the moment we are in the presence of several credits. Their repayment makes it possible to take out a new loan with new conditions and to set the repayment period long enough to reduce the monthly cost.

The goal of consolidation is, first and foremost, to find a “normal” budget without any unpaid bills or delays from one month to the next. The most important will be to take stock of the cascade of debts. Is it a “disaster” or simply a lack of vigilance? An exceptional event indeed will not be apprehended in the same way. Indeed, a temporary hazard and its consequences can be treated separately. If this is not the case, the integration into a new loan will be the solution.

The role of our company

First, an examination of the daily life of the household is to be expected. What are the incomes and social aids, and what are the fixed and incompressible expenses? Next, our Credit Solution broker will carefully examine bank account statements from the home that are less than three months old to identify outstanding debit entries.

After this examination, he will see a line of constant flows. Then it will be necessary to check the repayment capacity. This being established, the new financing will take place and place previous debts. The simulation of consolidation credit presented, we will have to note an improved situation certainly, but also must “reappear” a reminder to live. This is essential for the restoration of the budget; under no circumstances can omission or concealment be tolerated.