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Cloud computing has become so established that it’s easy to take it for granted, but it remains a huge moneymaker for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce and beyond. Anyone leveraging software as a service is benefiting from cloud computing, and it remains core to TechCrunch’s coverage of the many innovations and startups emerging from the tech community.

Spun out of Bosch, Dive wants to change how manufacturers use computer simulations by both using modern mathematical approaches and cloud computing.

Dive goes cloud-native for its computational fluid dynamics simulation service

When Stacklet’s founders, Travis Stanfield and Kapil Thangavelu, came out of Capital One in 2020 to launch their startup, most companies weren’t all that concerned with constraining cloud costs. But…

Stacklet sees demand grow as companies take cloud cost control more seriously

A startup called Firefly that’s tackling the thorny and growing issue of cloud asset management with an “infrastructure as code” solution has raised $23 million in funding. That comes on…

Firefly forges on after co-founder murdered by Hamas

In 2021, Roi Ravhon, Asaf Liveanu and Yizhar Gilboa came together to found Finout, an enterprise-focused toolset to help manage and optimize cloud costs. (We covered the company’s launch out…

Finout lands cash to grow its cloud spend management platform

Sigma Computing, a startup building a range of data analytics and business intelligence tools, has raised $200 million in a fresh VC round.

Sigma is building a suite of collaborative data analytics tools

Alkira has raised $100M for its “network infrastructure as a service,” which lets users virtualize and orchestrate hybrid cloud assets, and manage them. 

Alkira connects with $100M for a solution that connects your clouds

AWS has confirmed its European “sovereign cloud” will go live by the end of 2025, enabling greater data residency for the region.

AWS confirms it will launch European ‘sovereign cloud’ in Germany by 2025, plans €7.8B investment over 15 years

Adam Selipsky is stepping down from his role as CEO of Amazon Web Services, Amazon has confirmed to TechCrunch.  In a memo shared internally by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy and…

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky steps down

CoreWeave has formally opened an office in London that will serve as its European headquarters and home to two new data centers.

CoreWeave, a $19B AI compute provider, opens European HQ in London with plans for 2 UK data centers

The Series C funding, which brings its total raise to around $95 million, will go toward mass production of the startup’s inaugural products

AI chip startup DEEPX secures $80M Series C at a $529M valuation 

The appetite for alternative clouds has never been bigger. Case in point: CoreWeave, the GPU infrastructure provider that began life as a cryptocurrency mining operation, this week raised $1.1 billion…

CoreWeave’s $1.1B raise shows the market for alternative clouds is booming

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Cloud revenue accelerates 21% to $76 billion for the latest earnings cycle

The numbers are in, and the cloud infrastructure market grew at a brisk pace this quarter driven by increasing interest in generative AI.

10:11 am PDT • May 3, 2024
Cloud revenue accelerates 21% to $76 billion for the latest earnings cycle

Google Cloud had a blockbuster quarter, driving parent company Alphabet’s revenues — and stock price — to impressive highs.

It’s a sunny day for Google Cloud

It’s still unclear whether cloud gaming will ever become the next big thing. The appeal is clear: The game you’re playing runs in a data center near you, and the…

Playruo lets you try game demos from your web browser

All-around, highly generalizable generative AI models were the name of the game once, and they arguably still are. But increasingly, as cloud vendors large and small join the generative AI…

Snowflake releases a flagship generative AI model of its own

AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing business, wants to become the go-to place companies host and fine-tune their custom generative AI models. Today, AWS announced the launch of Custom Model Import (in…

Amazon wants to host companies’ custom generative AI models

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Google goes all in on generative AI at Google Cloud Next

Not to minimize what Google had on display, but the company failed to give all but a passing nod to its core business — except in the context of generative AI, of course.

8:00 am PDT • April 13, 2024
Google goes all in on generative AI at Google Cloud Next

The tech giant secured a cloud storage server that was inadvertently spilling Microsoft internal data and credentials to the open internet.

Microsoft employees exposed internal passwords in security lapse

In addition to the new custom Arm-based Axion chips, most of this year’s announcements are about AI accelerators, whether built by Google or Nvidia.

Nvidia’s next-gen Blackwell platform will come to Google Cloud in early 2025

Google is renewing its focus on data sovereignty. For the time being, though, it looks like its emphasis is on partnerships, not building its own sovereign clouds.

Google bets on partners to run their own sovereign Google Clouds

OpenStack allows enterprises to manage their own AWS-like private clouds on-premises. Even after 29 releases, it’s still among the most active open source projects in the world and this week,…

OpenStack improves support for AI workloads

On Tuesday Amazon launched a new service called Deadline Cloud that lets customers set up, deploy and scale up graphics and visual effects rendering pipelines on AWS cloud infrastructure. The…

AWS unveils new service for cloud-based rendering projects

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The market is forcing cloud vendors to relax data egress fees

As a number of factors come into play, like the reality of a multi-cloud world and a stricter regulatory environment, companies are beginning to see the error in their ways.

9:00 am PDT • March 31, 2024
The market is forcing cloud vendors to relax data egress fees

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Nvidia could be primed to be the next AWS

The question is whether Nvidia can sustain that growth to become a long-term revenue powerhouse like AWS has become for Amazon.

8:00 am PDT • March 24, 2024
Nvidia could be primed to be the next AWS

When the open source streaming service Apache Kafka was created in 2011 at LinkedIn, it was a different world. Most companies were still on prem. The notion of cloud computing…

WarpStream is building a cheaper, cloud-native data streaming service

A young startup is setting out to help enterprises cut their cloud costs by writing “more efficient” code — and it has secured $6.8 million in fresh funding from notable…

Polar Signals wants to help companies cut cloud costs with more efficient code

Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary AWS has revealed that it will allow customers to transfer their data out of its ecosystem with no so-called “egress fees” attached. The news follows some…

AWS follows Google in announcing unrestricted free data transfers to other cloud providers

Using the large cloud computing providers is convenient, but not exactly cheap. Ubicloud, a new startup founded by the team behind Citus Data, which Microsoft acquired in 2019, wants to…

Ubicloud wants to build an open source alternative to AWS

A U.S. government watchdog stole more than 1GB of seemingly sensitive personal data from the cloud systems of the U.S. Department of the Interior. The good news: The data was…

A government watchdog hacked a US federal agency to stress-test its cloud security

When the large cloud providers have excess compute capacity, they tend to discount it through programs like AWS’s and Azure’s spot instances. Any time a server idles, it isn’t making…

NodeShift wants to challenge the hyperscalers with its decentralized cloud