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Looking for your new favorite tech podcast? TechCrunch podcasts feature hosts from the TechCrunch Staff and cover the most interesting takes in tech from startups to fundraising to daily tech news. Check out each of the shows below.


Equity is TechCrunch’s flagship podcast about the business of startups, unpacked by the writers who know best. Produced by Theresa Loconsolo. Edited by Kell.

870 Episodes Last Episode: Jun 21, 2024


Each week, we feature early-stage startup founders to hear first-hand accounts of the real stories behind startups. Produced by Maggie Stamets. Edited by Kell.

146 Episodes Last Episode: Jun 18, 2024

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction was TechCrunch's podcast about the big news in crypto as told by insiders. It was hosted by former TechCrunch reporters Jacquelyn Melinek, Lucas Matney and Anita Ramaswamy.

174 Episodes Last Episode: Mar 29, 2024

The TechCrunch Podcast

The TechCrunch Podcast showcased the week's top news told to listeners by the reporters who reported it. It was hosted by former Managing Editor Darrell Etherington.

31 Episodes Last Episode: Jun 23, 2023

Inside Startup Battlefield

A four-episode miniseries that takes you behind the scenes of one of tech’s most anticipated startup competitions.

4 Episodes Last Episode: Mar 6, 2023

CrunchGear Live

The staff at analyzes this week's biggest tech and gadget news.

51 Episodes Last Episode: Oct 28, 2009

TechCrunch Daily Crunch

Today’s biggest tech headlines in a flash from TechCrunch.

TechCrunch Startup News

Listen to select TechCrunch articles on startups coverage—who’s raising, who’s exiting, who’s changing the world.

TechCrunch Industry News

Listen to articles handpicked by our editors, and stay updated on top technology news from TechCrunch.